Grimoire is a low brow artist who lives on the east coast of New Zealand. He uses pens and pencils to draw life's unfortunates and other odd and obscure things. Grimoire is influenced by sci-fi, horror films, vintage action figures, retro porn, comics and weird photos. Grimoire has taken part in a bunch of group shows, solo shows as well as publishing his work in various zines. Most recently Grimoire has been concentrating on creating graphics for bands and organisations as as well as his own personal work.. Grimoire recently returned from a trip to the United States, where he showed at Designer Con in LA.  

If you would like to get in touch about commercial work  please fill out the web form below or email me directly. 

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Commercial Work:
The Smith Street Band
Maloneys Barber Shop

Def MFG Co
Eb and Sparrow
Modern Baseball
Apart from This
Poison City Records
Horror My Friend

A Low Hum
Acid Dad
Eat Films
Actually Huizenga

FangGrim - April 2013
None So Queer as Folk (solo exhibition) - November 2013
FangGrim: The Second Coming - April 2013
Shakti Womens Shelter Fundraiser - 2015
Maximum Rocknroll - The Punk Issue 2014
Tiny Traveling Gallery - November 2014
InsideOut Fundraiser - August 2013

Poison City Records Weekender Art Show - September 2015
Black Magic - Solo show - Boyd Dunlop Gallery - January 2017.

No Cross Left Unturned
Worst Experience Ever
Grimoire Vol 1

Worst Experience Ever Vol 2
Gnawbone Zine Vol 4
Grimoire Vol 2

Deathless/Grimoire Vol 1 2016