Its been a massive month for me here, been learning heaps and drawing heaps and doing a bit of building demolition on the side.

All roads are leading to Designer Con next month, but I'm heading off for a road trip around the West Coast early so its head down bum up.

I managed to blat out a couple of things though, some really fun projects that were a blast to create.

Jiu Jitsu Vs the World - Universal Monsters comic book cover
I got the opportunity to create a limited edition print for Eat Film's new documentary Jiu Jitsu Vs the World. This was real close to my heart as I've been training BJJ for a bit now and it was a massive opportunity to combine two things I love. Dan is making an amazing film, travelling across America to get the roots of what has made the art what it is today. I was massively honored to be involved as some of the legends of the sport are taking part including Chris Haueter, Jean Jacques and Rigan Machado and many more.

Dan wanted a b-grade horror movie theme, I kinda changed the brief a bit and based it on an old Marvel Comics horror cover, I think it came out alright.

Acid Dad - Grim Single
I worked with New York band Acid Dad again on the cover art for their new single Grim. They are a psych/punk/stoner/art rock band who are pretty young dudes but making really rad music. 

Poison City Records - Burnout 3 Tee
This was super fun, I've done a few tees for Poison City Records, and they are real awesome to work with, a great bunch of people releasing some of the best alternative music around. This was the third in the burnout series. The idea was to have a wasted dude driving in the desert on a road to nowhere.

Designer Con is next month, in the mean time i'll be road tripping around the Bay Area, Yosemite, Las Vegas and LA, hopefully I won't be as stoned as the guy above or I might be arrested lol.