Tiny Travelling Gallery

I'm very stoked to be including some work in this years edition of the Tiny Travelling Gallery.

Last year Scott Savage and Colleen Pugh  put together an amazing travelling gallery which they took to Designer Con in LA and the Renegade Art Fair in London. 

The TTG included some really cool low brow artists from New Zealand and was crowdfunded to take our work to the world. Their designer created an amazing portable gallery in which to show the work.

Anyway, its happening all again this year, but in Auckland New Zealand, with a whole bunch of new artists taking part including some of my favorites - Seymour, Pinky Fang, Erin Forsyth and Devon Smith!

I'm currently putting together something for this year's show but in the meantime, here's a link to the zine I created for last years event, and a link to their website.

Scott and Colleen are doing a really cool thing, so come out and support!