My plan this year was originally to learn how to draw comics, and also paint. 

Things have changed drastically though and I have just started a tattoo apprenticeship at a studio in Napier. My art bud Matt owns Bloodline Tattoo and it was just one of those fateful things that it happened at all, but I couldn't be more excited.

Tattooing is something I have always been really into, a lot of my family and friends are involved in it in some way or another and I guess I always thought I would never have the opportunity to get into it myself.  

So I'm super stoked and feel massively privileged to have the opportunity to learn.

At the moment I'm starting on the very basics, learning to draw traditional american style flash. I'm sure things will change in time but for now i'm focusing on the master, Sailor Jerry

.I'll post progress pics as I go!

Here are some early drawings from the past few weeks, the panther heads are mine, the rest are tracings to learn form and coloring style.

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