New work with ink and fineliner

Here is some new work I have been making. 

I have been experimenting with indian ink, specifically Pebeo brand which is super black and thick but is easy to work with.

Eventually I would like to be doing all my linework with brush and ink, at this stage though i'm taking the easy way mixing it up with Staedtler fineliners. 

Lost at Sea

Here are a couple of recent projects I finished in the last little while.

First off, I designed some icons for Michael at They have a new section called 'Cage Captions' which are kinda like that old 90s show Pop-Up Video. 

Each caption has a little fact box about the subject, I created six in total. They were slightly challenging but heaps of fun to create. I also got to use the new halftones I acquired from True Grit Texture Supply which are killer!!!. 


I also recently did a new illustration of The Notorious Conor Mcgregor, a UFC fighter who is pretty much running the game at the moment. He currently holds the Featherweight and Lightweight belts simultaneously and was complaining at the end of his last fight that his belt was missing (hence the caption).

You can read the blog here.

And lastly, I was really stoked to do a new flyer for Poison City Records in Melbourne. I love working with Andy and the crew there, so this was a real blast. They wanted a psychedelic theme for this one so I did a few variations.

Thanks for looking!.