Clowns/Gnawbone Zine

I've just had the pleasure of working with an awesome band from Melbourne called Clowns. They remind me of some other rad bands such as The Bronx and are doing big things at the moment including a tour supporting Rise Against.

Its always rad to do work for a band whose music you really like and this was one of those occasions. Another good thing is when the client gives you full creative control, cause at the end of the day that's how it should be (haha in an ideal world). 

I created two designs for them. The first is based on the amazing Traci Lords the beautiful actress/adult fim star extraordinaire.

The Second design is based on a drawing from the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia by Danzig Baldaev (Fuel Publishing).

Clowns - Suntan tee.


Clowns - Occultist Tee.

I've also been putting together some drawings for Evangeline Chan aka Mooncasket who is releasing volume four of her Gnawbone Zine.  Also in this issue will be Indonesian illustrator Arswandaru. There will hopefully be an online version of this, it will be available in South East Asia, on my bigcartel and I am hoping to take some to Designer Con in November.

Gnawbone Zine

Pallbearer - Foundations of Burden
Clowns - Bad Blood 

Halloween - John Carpenter, 1978
The Town that Dreaded Sundown - Charles B. Pierce, 1976  

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Upcoming Shows/Worst Experience Ever

I'm finally coming to the end of a busy month of projects, and trying to balance my day job with making art, and having a life! 

The Tiny Travelling Gallery is coming up pretty soon and Scott and Colleen have put together some snazzy banners and posters, one of which as my cowboy illustration on it which I was stoked about.

Flyer for Tiny Travelling Gallery.

Flyer for Tiny Travelling Gallery.


I have also finished another drawing for my friend Megan's zine Worst Experience Ever Vol 2. This volume has heaps of cool artists including Seymour, Pinky Fang and Toni Gill.

We all had to submit a drawing based on a one star restaurant/hotel review. I tried to pick the grottiest one of course.

Here's the link to Volume 1 -

Looking forward now to Designer Con in November, I'm hoping that I can meet up with some other artists that I follow and get a bunch of inspiration on this trip along with hopefully getting my drawings out to some new eyes.


Horror Business

Beauty on a Brick Wall

Beauty on a Brick Wall

I've had a busy couple of weeks with quite a few projects on, heaps of fun of course I can't complain.

I completed my first ever album cover for Wellington band Eb and Sparrow, my wife says they remind her of Magnolia Electric Company. I really like them a mix of country and folk and alternative rock (not any of that Mumford and Sons shit though).

It was a tricky ask as I had to draw the full band, and likenesses are not my strong suit, but I managed to pull it off while still maintaining my own 'style'. The album is out in August so will post up the finished results then.

Also I drew up another tee shirt design for The Smith Street Band who are from Melbourne. Another awesome band and great dudes to deal with. 

Aside from that I have been preparing for the Tiny Travelling Gallery, a charity show for InsideOut and starting to think about DesignerCon in November.

In between all this I have been watching a bunch of horrors as usual,  which have been inspiring my drawings.


Vincent Price as Dr Death from Madhouse (1974)

Vincent Price as Dr Death from Madhouse (1974)

My pics for this month -

Madhouse - 1974

We are Still Here - 2015 -

Street Trash - 1987 - ( foul movie, a must watch!)

Its good to be busy!